LEDATEK LX-110B Time Recorder
LEDATEK LX-110B Time Recorder Machine Time Recorder Johor Bahru, JB, Johor, Malaysia. Supplier, Suppliers, Supplies, Supply | LEDA Technology Enterprise
' Normal Duty ' 
Basic ElectronicTime Recorder / Punch Card Time Recorder
For Upgraded Model of Time Recorder, Please Refer to GM-3300N / GM-3300SD Heavy Duty Time Recorder

[1] 2 Colours Printing (Black / Red)
[2] Melody & External Alarm
[3] Built-in UPS Backup Battery
[4] Time System : 12 / 24 Hours Display

[5] User Defined Colour Changing Time
[6] User Defined Music Melody (12 Times / Day) and the duration of Music

**F.O.C : 1 pkt Cards, 2 pcs Ribbon Cartridge

 Model  LX-110B
 Ambient Temperature  -30°C ~ 40°C
 Ambient Humidity  20 ~ 80%RH
 Power Consumption  Standby: 2w, Standard Operating: 10w
 Dimensions  187mm x 215mm x 120mm
 Weight  2.4Kg
 Warranty  1 year Manufacturer Warranty

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